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Peg, oh how I'll miss you! We have been best friends for 62 years. You had been there for me through good times and bad times. What a great friend, wife, and mother you were. Will think of you everyday and cherish the times we had together. Love ya

Jinnie (Mathews) Buskirk
May 11, 2017
Columbus, OH USA

Peg and her family were strong supporters of the Westlake Girls Fast Pitch Softball Program in the early days.
My condolences to the Cristino family.

Rick DeSanto
May 11, 2017

Peg is my dearest and oldest friend, since before kindergarten. No one could be a more loyal and fiercer friend. She was a giver always and never a taker. She was a saint in her faith, patience and courage. She has earned her blessings and place with God. Peg will always be a model for me and always in my heart.

Charlene Bergen
May 9, 2017
Portsmouth, RI USA

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